Domain Name Sale

Hover has a sale going on right now for the domain names that have a .club top level domain so I was inspired to start trying a variety of different ones. Shortness and humor were my guiding principles. The first one I thought of that was actually available right now for the relatively low, but not sale price of $21.99 is I think there's a whole set based on plays on fight club even though there's no young character around to pick one up1.

One of the reasons I'm interested in picking up a cheap and simple domain name is for use with the SSB pub I'm thinking about setting up. I didn't have a lot of luck thinking of some chat related names, but I did find a couple available that were reasonably good right now: (singular form was already used by a Japanese website) and is currently taken, but the search screen tried to convince me that pixel.art2 is available as well when it's actually already taken was kind of weird.

I discovered that is going for $1899.99 right now, but,, and are all still available at the $4.99 sale price. I feel like a weird semi random club domain would be better for my purposes than a specific topical one that is cool, but not really applicable like the 8bit and chiptunes ones. I like those domains, but they're probably not good fits for this project. is close to that generic ideal I'm going for, but it's another $1899.99 for the first year. Luckily,, and are all curently $5 sale options. I haven't picked one up yet, but I think I'm zeroing in on what I'm actually looking for.

  1. What does this last part even mean? I was tired as I was writing this last night, but I'm at a loss this morning. It's weirdly amusing though so I feel compelled to leave it

  2. There's just no way on that one for less than a big fee up front.