⚽ Cox: Is heading absolutely necessary to the game of football?


Excellent article about the long term impact of the header on player brain health in soccer and the best suggestion I've heard to date for how to improve things: make them illegal outside the penalty boxes. This would keep the exciting scoring plays around while eliminating all the unnecessary and usually ineffectual heading around the midfield that happens after long kicks out of the goal. Hopefully a rule change of this nature can be trialed and studied in a tournament setting in the near future.

📺 Sylvie Was Right on 'Loki,' Actually


This is a great discussion of the ending of Season 1 of Loki and I'm in complete agreement with the conclusions. There may be recency bias involved, but I feel like Loki is probably my favorite of the Disney MCU series1 to date. Tom Hiddleston is great and the themes and philosophical questions raised by the story are both timeless and timely.

  1. Wandavision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier were really good at times, but also had a few flaws- the latter in particular.

Meet your new Spokane city flag and its designer



Coming up with a modern Spokane flag has been in the works for a few years and I'm so happy to see the final result. Derek Landers' distinctive and vibrant design has all the elements I wanted to see: a sun honoring the Salish people who first inhabited the area, a dynamic take on the Spokane River, and green for the trees and surrounding land.

🏀Suggs, Gonzaga Add Legacy Moment to Their Run at History


Jalen Suggs game winning buzzer beater 3 was amazing, but the sequence where he blocked UCLA forward Cody Riley's shot at the rim, chased down the rebound, dribbled twice and then hit Drew Timme in stride with a full court bounce pass assist through traffic for a dunk was absolutely transcendent! What a player, what a game!

⚽ U.S. men's 2000 Olympic medal-round run told by those who lived it


I think I was barely even aware of the U.S. men's team's success at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, but this is an amazing aural history of a team that represents the beginning of the USMNT's most successful period.

Madison tests electric cargo bike from local manufacturer Saris


Technically a trike, with one big wheel in back and two smaller ones under the front cargo bin, it can carry up to 660 pounds — not including the rider. A 1,000-watt Bosch motor powered by twin batteries does most of the work, but only when someone is turning the pedals.

Smaller and more nimble than a truck, the bike is also cheaper to operate and maintain and can go places other vehicles can’t. It has no tailpipe emissions, uses far less energy, and it provides users a little exercise.

Estimated price tag I found in the article was in the $10,000-$12,000 range and that's completely competitive with all the gas powered light utility vehicles and golf carts we use on campus at work. Hopefully we'll start seeing a lot more vehicles along these lines in the near future.

'TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL' — a comic book about how Trump ignored science, planning, and his own team when the virus struck. And how 194,000 Americans paid the ultimate price.


The US practically invented the playbook of how to confront pandemics. Presidents — both Republican and Democratic — worked to ensure that if a pandemic came, there would be an effective plan to respond. Yet while other countries used that playbook and succeeded in doing what was necessary to get the coronavirus under control, the Trump administration threw out the plan.

What happened?

To help Americans understand precisely what went wrong, Insider hired the comics creators Anthony Del Col and Josh Adams to depict the Trump administration's course of action that put America into this position.

I didn't need a comic book to convince me that Donald Trump is a monstrous moron, but this is pretty good.

🧙‍♂ An open letter to Cedric Phillips, Gerry Thompson, and the Pro Magic community at large


But casual players don’t like Luis Scott-Vargas just because he’s one of the greatest players of all time; they like him, and subscribe to the Divination, because LSV1 is funny and charismatic and loves to durdle and tease Paul Cheon. That’s why they tune in to his Twitch channel even when he does things like sign tokens for GP Las Vegas, choosing to vicariously hang out with him. LSV doesn’t make his casual fans feel stupid; he makes them feel smarter, and as though they’re winning and losing alongside him.

Excellent history of WotC's approach to Magic the Gathering and why the company has stopped focusing on pro players, switched to emphasizing planeswalker character story, and digital is clearly the future growth area for the game. I came across it while wondering just how many female pro magic players there are (virtually none).

  1. Incidentally, I am a big fan of LSV and his podcasts after listening to a bunch over the last month. Super smart about the game and very generous with sharing his knowledge in a friendly and entertaining fashion.

Marshallese people represent 1% of Spokane County's population and a quarter of its COVID-19 cases


Jeffery Yoshikawa was at work in early April when he got the call.

His mother-in-law was running a high fever, and the dialysis clinic at which she was getting treatment suspected she had COVID-19.

He left immediately to take her to the hospital. On the way, her symptoms worsened.

When they arrived, she tested positive for COVID-19. Yoshikawa asked to be tested, too, since he had spent so much time with her.

They both had COVID-19, it turned out, becoming two of the 341 Marshallese people in Spokane to be diagnosed with the disease. With that number of cases, people from the Marshall Islands account for about 30% of the county’s COVID-19 cases – despite making up less than 1% of the county’s population, according to Thursday’s data from the Spokane Regional Health District.

Thankfully Mr. Yoshikawa and his mother-in-law pulled through, but this is so heartbreaking. I remember first hearing that Spokane had a fairly sizable population of Marshallese people a few years ago, but Spokane is big enough and they are a small enough group that I've never really interacted with anyone from their community. Hearing about their plight absolutely confirms on a local level everything I've read about minorities being the most the heavily impacted by Covid-19 in the United States. Our inability to protect low income and vulnerable groups is both shameful and dangerous to the health of our county as a whole.

Canoeing with the Cree


📚Originally published in 1935, Canoeing with the Cree (★★★★) is a classic true life adventure story from a bygone era when two high school buddies pulled off an epic canoe journey from Minneapolis to Hudson's Bay during the summer of 1930. My main dissatisfaction with an otherwise excellent tale is that despite the pair's obvious respect and admiration for the Cree as masters of the Canadian wilderness, they ultimately still considered them uncivilized and lesser.