Getting There: Plans for Centennial Trail through West Central draw pushback that could result in new connection


That plan would use a $2.53 million federal grant to replace a series of sidewalks, some of which are deteriorating under the melting snow, with a raised path between about 10 and 12 feet wide and buffered from the street.

“All we want to do is just improve what’s here, make it nicer for all users,” Loreen McFaul said while walking the route on a recent rainy afternoon.

As someone who has run the segment in question countless times over the last 10 years I am 100% for this project. The safety and traffic calming benefits of expanding the path into a separate protected route and narrowing the nearby road slightly would be tremendous for walkers and cyclists. I think the main source of conflict has to be the quarter mile from Mission to NW Point where the trail will cross people's driveways. The proposed alternative route looks like a good trail, but is going to take at least 5-10 more years to come to fruition and doesn't serve the people coming from the neighborhood on the east side of Pettet drive at all.