Our cat loves to rest in my office chair so I'm sitting on the front edge right now.🤷🏻‍♂

I heard some speculation that Japan was motivated to under test and report before the Olympics were postponed and also that mask wearing norms are having a significant impact on the spread, but nothing factual or scientific yet.


A small storm just passed through with a little thunder (I didn't see the lightning) and heavy sideways rain for a couple minutes, but it looks like we're just going to get intermittent light rain now.

There's an ongoing search & rescue operation in the area for a developmentally delayed 16-year-old who ran away from home a few days ago. There have been a few sightings since then; he seems to have an affinity for the undeveloped woodland around here.

Windy day today. All the pine trees I can see out my office window are really moving at times!

Looks like the homemade mask movement is starting to pick up steam on the internet. I'm all for it, but we're going to need some official directives to get American buy-in I think.

Yeah, totally! My older kids are interested in this kind of thing so I plan to set it up on at least one of the computers they have access to.


the US will exceed the 9/11 death toll within a couple days, but NYC itself will probably as well just a few days later.😢


Seeing the video of the USNS Comfort going up the Hudson next to Manhattan is kind of surreal. It's a big ship!

Fiddling around with the Patchwork and Manyverse ssb clients again. The Patchwork database on my mac desktop got corrupted again at some point, but I didn't have any issues, deleting the data store, reinstalling the secret key, and rebuilding from the network peers.