3 day reprieve. Will the guy at the other end of the idiotic figure spectrum skip the next and hit the links on Saturday instead?


Just saw our nation's Chief Incompetent Office Holder has threatened to shutdown and regulate social media sites after Twitter finally correctly labeled a couple of his falsehoods.😂🤣

I will say that I've found that playing more computer games again has been helpful to my mental health and happiness lately and it's a good way to connect with my kids.


I've cut way back on my television watching right now for one thing. I've also started to have the itch to stop playing as much and do more creative/constructive things again too. If I scale back to mostly just playing with my sons again it's less than an hour a day.


Having good luck with GOG sales lately. A few weeks ago decided to try playing Torchight II with my sons after we finish Icewind Dale and today was able to pick it up for $5 vs the usual $20.

In a lot of ways automated probes, robots, and satellites are more effective space explorers anyway, and NASA is still pretty good1 in that area- particularly on Mars.


  1. Aside from the James Webb Space Telescope money pit.


Another productive night of Icewind Dale. We're down to the final endgame, but I suspect it will take us a couple more days to complete at least.

Of course, particularly because of how the budget process works in Congress. Speaking of heavy lift rockets I'm looking forward to seeing what NASA does with the Sea Dragon in the second season of For All Mankind.



So apparently there's a huge outbreak at the local pasta factory1 in Spokane. 30+ employees tested positive and one of those had two DUIs in one week and exposed six police officers and a jail inmate.😐

  1. Didn't know we had one before this news to be honest.

that and they've been focusing on a heavy lift vehicle with the sole mission of keeping people in all 50 states employed.