🧙‍♂ Free to play on Magic Arena is definitely fun and viable, but once you start getting interested in the Historical format and older sets spending money is probably inevitable.

Huge numbers of teens and others on TikTok punked the Trump campaign rally in Tulsa by signing up with no intention of attending. I think that's how Trump became aware of it and might be happy to just shut it down.


🧙‍♂ Some major card bans in Magic today. Players have been asking for this for months so kind of crazy that it's happening just a month and a half before some of them rotate out of Standard. It might be time to try my best deck in a Standard Constructed Event.

Looks like the circuit breaker for our oven gave up the ghost right before dinner last night. Should be able to get a replacement today and hopefully there's nothing up with the oven as well.1😱

  1. I've had to hard reset the digital controls after a power dip scrambled things before.

Pretty tired right now after a long day working outside. Contemplating going to bed early.

Lunch is nigh. Time for a couple hotdogs!🌭🌭

🧙‍♂ Just went 1-3 in my first attempt at a Throne of Eldraine draft in Magic Arena and feel really good about it. All three of my losses were really close games where I had my opponents down to low single digits and just couldn't draw a card to finish the deal.

Time to go work in the yard and listen to some podcasts.

🏃‍♂ As I suspected would be the case, Bloomsday is going fully virtual this year. I have a couple 12K routes from my house that I could run, but I haven't decided if I'm going to use those or come up with something else. I do know I'm not going to run the regular course.

Heh, I've faced at least a couple international opponents based on asian character set usernames, but I'm a long ways away from being even local tournament ready.