Happy to hear that Gonzaga's field house is going to be used by CHAS Health as their community Covid vaccination site as we have the space and parking to help them handle a large distribution (still appointment only for qualified people of course, not most students or employees).

Typist is a pretty decent free typing tutor application in the Mac App Store. I was looking to see what was available for my teenagers to use and was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded it and gave it a try.

🧙‍♂ Both franchises are a lot better fits than the recent Walking Dead and Godzilla stuff, so I can see it being mostly cool, but I'm a fan of Magic's story and lore in its own right.


🧙‍♂ Hasbro/Wizards announce that there will be Lord of the Rings and Warhammer 40K Magic sets coming in the next couple years as part of a Universes Beyond series of sets (the Legends of the Forgotten Realms D&D set kicks it off this summer) and I have mixed feelings.

❄ Snowflakes are getting even bigger!


🧙‍♂ Compared my Kaldheim draft spreadsheet to my Zendikar one this morning and confirmed that I'm ahead of where I quit drafting in that set with three drafts to go (based on my game currency budget). The low number of passed rares in the second round of Zendikar Quick Draft killed my average yield.

Snow coming down hard this morning as expected, but it's windy enough that it's blowing snow up under our covered porch. I think it's supposed to turn to rain later this morning, but it feels quite cold right now.

⚽ Dane Scarlett just created a second goal out of nothing for Vinicius by closing down an unwary defender. Heady play by the youngster.

⚽ Dele to Bale for an outstanding first touch bending goal to the far corner. I wasn’t really liking Dele’s energy and body language before the start of that play, but I’ll take the result.

⚽ Should have had that final goal there, the shot was on target, but with a little more mustard that defender wouldn't have been able to make a great save like that.