What Is a Weblog

Today I discovered that Axodys is actually a weblog.

More weblogs: Camworld, Hack the Planet, and Memepool.

Carmen (Nichole) is of course on my case to get my site here improved. She is of course right. I need to keep plugging away. Perhaps someday Axodys will approach the stature of the numerous spiffy weblogs out there.

Thanks to my recent acquisition of a new 128MB dimm my iMac is now happily cruising along at 160MB!

CV Rematch

Today the Ferris varsity boys basketball team plays their biggest game of the season to date when they face Central Valley on the road for a share of first place in the GSL. Our only loss of the season was at the hands of CV on our home court back in December and there is no question the team has been looking forward to this rematch every day since.


Well, the basketball games didn’t turn out quite like I was hoping. The Ferris JV team started out the day by playing the worst 20 minutes of basketball I’ve seen this season. Luckily there are 32 minutes in a complete game. With 4 minutes remaining in the third quarter we were down 19 points, yet somehow thanks to inspired team defense and six 3’s by Kevin “The Trifecta” Aronson we managed to get it turned around and win by 5.

The varsity game on the other hand was a closely contested battle between two good teams that ended with a two point margin of victory and us on the losing side. Central Valley may have secured the league title with tonight’s victory, but they haven’t seen the last of Ferris by any means.

Learning HTML

I just figured out how to make my links much cooler. Thanks Netweasel! Well, back to work I go.

After getting back to work and finding out more about Cascading Style Sheets at webmonkey.com I’ve come to the conclusion that they are way cool!.

Axodys Day 1

I’m finally starting to make a little progress on my site here. Things are still pretty rough, but at least I’m getting a feel for how I want to do them.

My plan is to generate some kind of outline renderer that will format everything into table based blocks. Time to start learning UserTalk I guess.

Nichole has been on my case to get something going with my site. That’s good actually because it’s kept me motivated to get my act together. So thanks Nichole… and you make good brownies too by the way. My family came by and brought me some chocolate cake this afternoon. It was tasty! While they were visiting we also talked about their plans to purchase one of the new flavored iMacs. I think they’re going to get a blue one and I’m going to sell them my 64MB so-dimm and buy myself a new 128MB. That should leave both of our iMacs in really good shape.