New Layout In Progress!

It took me a month to get to here, but at least I’m getting somewhere finally.

Rubber Chicken Part II. Tonight Ferris takes on south hill rival LC to bring the regular season to a close.

Once again I’m up much later (earlier) than I should be!

I’ve never met Anneke1 or even communicated with her in any way, but based on her webpage she strikes me as a pretty cool person.

  1. Defunct URL: http://anneke.net

Hoops Update

The Ferris boys teams won both their games against Mead yesterday.

My neighbors at Lewis & Clark HS beat G-Prep yesterday in what had to be the most brutal game I’ve seen this season. LC will be our final opponent of the regular season on Thursday.

I’m doing surprisingly well considering how small my total sleep time has been in the last 24 hours. I guess I don’t need as much sleep as some people like my buddy Nichole.

On a visit to Everything today I discovered a mathematical explanation for the story of my life.

Garbage 2.0

I've been listening to Garbage Version 2.0 this morning. I think it's better than their first album and I liked that one quite a bit.

Today Ferris plays Mead.


It's time to head back to Spokane pretty soon here.

Jesse got back last night right after I finished working on yesterday's update so we got to hang out and catch up a bit.

When Steve and Holly returned we rented a strange movie called Lawn Dogs. It was okay. The moral of the story in my estimation would have to be don't chase dogs with trucks.

The drive home to Spokane was uneventful. The pass was clear and I made good time.

Live From Seattle: Rushmore

Yes indeed, I'm live from Seattle today. The drive over yesterday was pretty good. Overcast off and on, and it was wet on the road along the pass, but otherwise clear sailing.

I went to Rushmore yesterday. It was funny, poignant, and very good.

It's now evening and everyone's off doing the romantic stuff that you typically do on February 14th. So I am of course all by my lonesome for the moment. I am actually quite enjoying being by myself right now.

I haven't gotten to interact much with my friend Jesse so far this weekend because he was fairly sick yesterday. Today he was somewhat better and we had lunch at Pagliacci's (unfortunately their site doesn't seem to be functional yet), but afterward he came home and went to sleep. However a funny thing happened, a girl by the name of Katie called and not three minutes later he was out the door and I haven't seen him since. Perhaps he's got a little love bug to go along with whatever else is ailing him.

Earlier today my friend Holly helped me pick out some nifty new green Birkenstocks. This is my first pair so perhaps in some small way buying them today was a momentous occasion for me.

Ferris Wins and Other Stuff

Both Ferris boys basketball teams won yesterday. Central Valley beat G-Prep 55-43 to avenge their lone loss of the season.

I'm headed for Seattle1 this afternoon, but I anticipate being able to update everything from afar.

Everybody should begin their day with a dose of Sluggy Freelance. Pete Abrams is a genius!

  1. Defunct link: http://Seattle.sidewalk.com/

N C Rematch

Today the Ferris JV boys team plays NC at 5:15. This is a big game for the JV team since NC has one of the best JV teams in league. The boys varsity game will follow at 6:45.

The BIG game of the night is of course the rematch between CV and Gonzaga Prep out at SFCC.

New Glasses

I'm seeing things much clearer now.

8/15/05 Update: Incidentally, I just noticed as I was fixing the above link that they have a model called the "Gilman" now which looks like a variation on the model that I bought six years ago.

I have never been obsessed with chess. [via PeterMe]

Frontier the Definitive Guide

The book I just ordered, Frontier The Definitive Guide arrived today. I think it will prove to be quite beneficial as I continue to use Frontier to manage various sites including this one.

Tomorrow is the day my eyes have been waiting for.

Two Wins Over U-Hi

Both of the Ferris boys basketball1 teams managed to get by University today. The JV team won by five and the varsity by around 19.

  1. Original defunct URL: http://www.sd81.k12.wa.us/ferris/activities/BBALL/index.htm