Happy State Basketball Birthday Dad!

In Tacoma.

Ferris beat Decatur handily in the first round of the State 4A basketball tournament. Decatur's coach wore a crazy orange jumpsuit!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Road to Tacoma

On the road to Tacoma. Updates may not happen again till Sunday.


It may still be Monday, but I feel like it's Tuesday already.

Today I've been trying to get packed, but I've definitely got a ways to go.

Regional Champions!

Ferris won their first Regional Championship ever last night by beating Davis 66-55.

Ferris's next game will be at 7pm Wednesday against Decatur in the first round of the State Tournament.

Tacoma here we come!

Victory Over Walla Walla

On to State!

Ferris clamped down on Walla Walla’s 3 point shooters and managed to win an exciting game 43-29.

Next up: Davis at 8pm for the regional championship game.

Despite six previous trips to State in the 90's Ferris has never won a regional championship.

Walla Walla Matchup

Today Ferris plays Walla Walla at 9pm with a state berth on the line. Both teams are 21-2 headed into the contest. Should be a good one!

Palm Upgrade

My Palm Pilot upgrade arrived today. Now I can synch with my iMac via infrared. Ahh yeah!

Incidentally it only cost me about half the price listed at that link. Shop around!

This page looks like crap on Windows machines… or at least the ones I was examining it at work with.

Digital Scout

I played with this new Palm Pilot based stats program a little bit today. It’s fairly cool, but takes a bit of practice to get acustomed to. I don’t think I’m quite ready for prime time with it though.

I’d heard of this a while ago, but this would definitely be a sweet little number to put in your car!

Taking Care of Eisenhower

Ferris started off regionals with a 39-24 win over Ike. Next up Walla Walla.

My old mac clone is acting cantankerous. Ugh! Time to install Linux permanently.

Monday Funday

Today was kind of annoying at work. Dale and I have yet to successfully resolve all the printing issues that go along with working in a mixed platform environment.

GU took care of business tonight and rolled over Santa Clara on their way to a berth in the NCAA tournament. Excellent!

Hopefully Ferris will do equally well tomorrow against Ike.

My cool html color palette poster arrived today. Now I just need to get a frame for it.