How March Madness is planning to combat the spread of coronavirus


"Let's say that we discover that COVID-19 is an illness where the public health is really threatened," NCAA Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Hainline told CNN. "The only people that are in the building are the players and the referees and the necessary personnel. The fans aren't there and we know that the risk mitigation is superb and that the people there are without risk of transmission… We painted all of those scenarios and so we're prepared for that."

🏀 Not really encouraging when we know that COVID-19 is in fact "an illness where the public health is really threatened." The NCAA has the plans, but they don't have the will to implement them proactively, only reactively when infection has spread to a significant number of people. It's up to government to step up to the plate and be the bad guy in this situation, which means we're screwed for a national tournament like this one.