Before You Watch "Tales From the Loop," Get to Know the Sci-Fi Artist Who Inspired It



“I was having so much fun doing it,” Stålenhag says when asked about the challenges of the project. For him, the balance between the project’s realistic and uncanny elements was the most work. “I was careful with not doing too much science fiction,” he says. “The part of the pictures I worked hardest on was actually bending the science-fictional elements so that the landscape and the people and the clothing and everything was, in a way, the real stuff, the stuff that exists, which was stuff from my own life and my childhood growing up.”

📺 I watched two more episodes of Tales from the Loop last night and I continue to dig the slow pace and retro sci-fi aesthetic. It's clearly very faithful to Simon Stålenhag's original concept art and shifting the setting from rural Sweden to rural Ohio works perfectly.