What If Ben Affleck Had Stayed at Kansas in 'The Way Back'?


Jack Cunningham had a full ride to play for the Jayhawks at the same time Paul Pierce, Raef LaFrentz, and Jacque Vaughn were there. Here’s what would’ve happened if he hadn’t quit.

🏀🍿 I'd seen a brief trailer in passing for a movie featuring Ben Affleck as a high school basketball coach1, but I didn't even know anything about the actual premise of The Way Back or remember its title until I read this piece (which is a pretty awesome what-if). Anyway a fun historical exercise in imagining what kind of impact the Ben Affleck character could have had if he had been a real player that had played at Kansas during the implied era and didn't have his career derailed by alcoholism.

  1. I've kind of got a thing for this particular sports movie sub genre, even if most are ultimately disappointing.